Your First Visit to OWPT


                     Scheduling Your First Visit

Patients will have a productive first visit to the office by taking the following steps in advance:

Obtain a signed and dated prescription for treatment from your medical doctor.  The prescription will include the diagnosis and the recommended duration and frequency for treatment. 

Some insurance carriers require patients to obtain a referral for physical therapy services.   A referral is an authorization generated from your primary care physician.  The referral is on-file with your insurance carrier and is valid for a specific number of visits as well as a specific range of dates of services.  You should contact your insurance carrier to inquire about referrals.  For your convenience, you can use the insurance links on our links page to check your insurance company's website.  If you do not have insurance or if you prefer for us to not bill your insurance, let us know and we will talk to you about our 'private pay' policy.

Once you have the prescription and/or a referral for physical therapy, call our office at (703) 335-8275 to schedule an appointment.  Plan to be in the clinic an hour to an hour and a half for your first visit.

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                     What to Bring to Your First Visit

For your first visit to the office, please be sure to bring the following:

Your Insurance Card.
Your prescription for physical therapy from your physician and a referral (if required).
Completed OWPT New Patient Forms.  A filled out medical history form, a consent to treat form, cancellation policy and a notice of privacy practice form ("HIPPA").  You can download, print, and fill out these forms from our website; however, if that's not convenient, don't worry.  Just come in 15 minutes early and these forms can be filled out at the time of your visit.  Some insurance companies may require additional paper work. 
Comfortable, loose fitting clothing.  You will be in motion during your visit.  So plan to be comfortable by wearing loose clothing, such as shorts, sweats, or a loose t-shirt.  For women, a sports bra or similar is advisable.

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                                What to Expect During Your First Visit

Comprehensive Initial Examination:  The physical therapist will thoroughly examine you, discuss your history and current medical situation in detail and provide a mutually agreed upon treatment plan to achieve your goals.  Initial evaluation typically takes 1 hour.

Treatment Plan:  The treatment plan includes the number of patient visits expected and interventions including manual therapy, exercise and modalities (for example, hot and cold packs, electrical stimulation, ultrasound) if needed.  Our therapist is trained in manual physical therapy techniques to assist in your recovery from injury or dysfunction.  Manual physical therapy includes the assessment of joint movement, tissue restrictions and muscular compensation.
Follow-up:  After the initial evaluation, your physical therapist may get you started on some general exercises.  The exercise prescription after your initial evaluation depends on your current condition and will be designed to promote healing.  You can call (703) 335-8275 to schedule subsequent visits or schedule them prior to departure. 

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