Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable clothes that allow the therapist to access the injured area. T-shirts, shorts, sweats, and sneakers are preferred. If you have a foot/ankle problem, you should also bring the footwear that you usually wear.  For women, a sports bra or similar support garment is advisable.

Do I need a referral?

Some insurance carriers require patients to obtain a referral for physical therapy services.   A referral is an authorization generated from your primary care physician.  The referral is on-file with your insurance carrier and is valid for a specific number of visits as well as a specific range of
dates of services.  You should contact your insurance carrier to inquire about referrals.   

Are treatments one-on-one?
Yes.  Optimum Wellness Physical Therapy is dedicated to individualized treatments.

How long does each treatment last?

Your evaluation will last approximately 60 minutes. Follow-up treatments average 45-60 minutes per session, typically with 2-3 sessions per week, depending upon your referring doctor's physical therapy prescription and type of condition or injury.

How long is the wait time before each appointment?

At Optimum Wellness Physical Therapy, we respect your time and expect to begin your treatment within a few minutes of your scheduled appointment time.

How soon can I receive an appointment?

If necessary, we can usually accommodate same day appointments.  We strive to schedule you within 48 hours of your initial call to us.

Should I still come to therapy if I start to feel better? What if I am feeling worse?

You should try to keep each appointment, even when you start to feel better.  This will ensure effective recovery.  From time to time, your physical therapist will make periodic modifications to your physical therapy program based on your progress or any set backs.  To accomplish this, your therapist will need to know how you are feeling.  It is not unusual to feel some soreness after a physical therapy session, but this sore feeling will soon fade away.

Do you accept my insurance?
We accept a variety of insurance plans. Please check the list on our For Patients page. If you still do not see your insurance listed, please call for more information.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

You'll need a prescription for physical therapy from a referring physician, an insurance referral from your primary care physician (if specifically required by your insurance company to see a specialist) and comfortable clothing as mentioned above.

My doctor recommended a certain type of treatment.  Do your follow the physician referral?
Yes, we work closely with referring physicians to ensure high quality of appropriate care.  If you have questions about specific treatments give us a call.

Do you accept credit cards for payments?
Optimum Wellness Physical Therapy accepts most major credit cards (MC, Visa, Discover, and American Express), personal checks and cash for payment of co-payments or coinsurance/deductibles. Co-payments are due at each appointment.