Educational Links


Click the links below to download useful information about your condition or injury.  If you have questions, about how physical therapy can help you regain full function and be pain free, call us at (703) 335-8275.  Additional patient information is available at and the American Physical Therapy Association.

Active Lifestyle

Gardening:  Avoid Aches and Pains While Gardening (pdf)

Lifting:  Lifting Tips (pdf)

Running:  Foot Health for Runners (pdf)

Shoveling Snow:  Tips for Avoiding Injuries (pdf)

Walking:  30 Minutes for Life (pdf)  

Balance and Falls

Balance:  Physical Therapy and the Balance System (pdf)

Falls Prevention:  Physical Therapy and Falls Prevention (pdf)

Walking Aids:  Physical Therapy & Walking Aids (pdf) 

Repetitive Stress Injuries
Repetitive Stress Injury:  Tips for Handheld Users (pdf)

Women’s Health

Back Pain:  Pregnancy and Low Back Pain (pdf)

Incontinence:  Pregnancy and Incontinence (pdf)

Pelvic Pain:  Pregnancy and Pelvic Pain (pdf)


Back Pain:  Physical Therapy and Low Back Pain (pdf)

Bone Health:  Physical Therapy and Bone Health (pdf)

Knee:  Exercises To Help Prevent ACL Injuries (pdf)

Neck Pain:  Exercises for Neck Pain (pdf)


Stroke:  Physical Therapy and Stroke (pdf)

Vertigo:  Physical Therapy and Vertigo (pdf)

Vertigo:  Physical Therapy and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) (pdf)


Diabetes:  Physical Therapy and Diabetes (pdf)

Fibromyalgia:  Physical Therapy and Fibromyalgia (pdf)

Workplace:  Workplace Wellness (pdf)