About OWPT


Optimum Wellness Physical Therapy — OWPT —is a full-service physical therapy clinic in the heart of Manassas, Virginia.  OWPT is the brain child of Marsha Colon, M.S.P.T., a local physical therapist with a decade of clinical experience.  At OWPT, we seek to promote vibrant health and wellness by emphasizing hands-on physical therapy coupled with robust patient education.


At OWPT — You get the “Personal Touch”

Meet the Therapist

Marsha Colón was first exposed to physical therapy as a teenager when she worked as a rehab tech and witnessed the life-changing results that can flow from physical therapy.  That early life experience answered the “what do I want to be when I grow up” question, and she has never looked back. 


  1. B.S. in Kinesiology (the study of human movement) from the University of Maryland at College Park

  2. M.S. in Physical Therapy from the University of Miami School of Medicine

  3. Certified Lymphedema Specialist


  1. Marsha takes a holistic approach to PT that stems from her work in a variety of treatment settings — acute care and rehab hospitals, outpatient clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living communities.


  1. Therapeutic Reflexology

  2. Orthopaedics

  3. Patient education and training 



Personalized attention. You’ll never find a “cookie cutter” anywhere at OWPT.  Instead, you can expect one-on-one,  personalized treatment during every visit.


Diagnostic expertise. Many of our patients and referring physicians tell us that OWPT has the best evaluation and treatment protocols in the area.  That is why we specialize in “hard cases” that no one else has been able to successfully treat.


Individualized treatments.  We utilize ultrasound and electrical stimulation therapies, hot and cold packs, soft-tissue massage, therapeutic reflexology, and cervical and lumbar decompression therapies to reduce pain and promote well being.


Patient Education.  At OWPT, we believe that the road to pain relief and overall wellness is paved with plain-language, easy-to-understand information about your condition or injury, its causes and treatment, and the tools you need to prevent a relapse.  (Click here for educational articles about how physical therapy can help you.)


Integrated Approach.  So often when a patient is referred to a specialist, it’s like beginning all over again and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Not at OWPT.  We believe in coordinated delivery of patient services, including regular communication with your doctor.


Consistent Follow-Up.  You’ll get a personal call from your therapist if you miss an appointment, and you’ll also get two calls after discharge, to make sure that you are still making progress and to answer any questions.